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Info-Central is both the legacy and the cutting edge of model rocketry. From low powered kits to high power scratch-building, we've assembled the world's best to give you the knowledge and insight that you need to build what you want.

We are proud to present to you, our newly revised layout, complete with all of the old content that you have known and loved, but we are also working very hard to provide you with new content, articles, photos, tutorials, and tools that have never before been available in the same place.

Info-Central is meant to help you learn about new techniques, and different methods for conquering the skies, creating a beautifully finished masterpiece, or get that duration trophy you've been after. Whether you are just starting out, and haven't a clue what all of this stuff means, or you've been doing this for years and years, Info-Central is here to help you learn.

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As with all Rocketry Online sites, our goal is to please you, the user. We welcome your comments and suggestions, but would also like to hear from you about these articles. If you think they're doing it wrong, of you have a better, simpler, cheaper, faster way, we want to hear about it! Help us contribute to the rocketry community by sharing your experience and techniques so that we may all build better, safer, longer-lasting rockets, and keep them flying!

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We would like to take a moment to thank the countless contributors of Info-Central, past, present and future. We hope that the legacy of information contained herein can be put to good use by many a rocketeer, and that as new ideas and methods arise, those that choose to venture beyond what is written here will endeavor to carry on the tradition of people helping people, and help Rocketry Online and Info-Central to continue in the legacy of teaching new generations how to journey beyond our current capabilities.



Welcome to the NEW Info-Central! We are in the process of moving servers, updating content, and re-organizing our entire site to give you better access to the information you need, and current information including the latest and greatest from rocketeers who have proven that they know what they are doing, and those the push the envelope on what this hobby knows, and how it's done.

Please excuse our mess in the mean time. We appreciate your patience as we get settled in, and everything gets re-arranged. As always, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or would like to submit content to us, you can do so through our contact form.

-- Info-Central

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